North Discovery Adventures


Terms and Conditions


North Discovery is a documented tourism animation company that provides outdoor, nature-based and cultural activities, and is registered with RNAAT with the number xxxx / xxx. It is documented as a provider of nature-based tourism activities and is authorised to operate within protected areas by the ICNF, within the same registry.


The maximum authorised age for customers to enjoy the activities is 70, the latter being the maximum age covered by the Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

The minimum age for customers to enjoy the activities is 2.

Children up to the age of 14, will benefit, automatically, of a 50% discount on the price indicated in the products / services.

The number of Minimum and Maximum People per activity / service is also hereby shown. However, children up to 14 years of age are not considered for the Minimum Number of People, but are considered in the number of Maximum People.

Under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by their guardians.  Contrary, they must display a permission of their parents / guardians. It is the responsibility of the customer who contracted the service / product with the company to ensure the above mentioned.

Smoking is prohibited in the company vehicles.

The maximum waiting period in the agreed meeting points when picked-up is of 15 minutes. Being impossible to be on time, the customer must contact the company.



North Discovery, in accordance with its activity, provides, promotes and develops products of outdoor, nature-based and cultural activities.

Our products / services are likely to be subcontracted, nonetheless, being scrutinised if they are duly licensed for the purpose and legally holding required insurances, namely civil liability and personal accidents.

No responsibility can be attributed to North Discovery when, during an activity of the contracted service / product, unforeseen impediments, non-attributable to North Discovery, arise.

Photo / film service is an extra offered to the customer and North Discovery cannot be held responsible for its quality or even technical issues that may occur in the equipment and that prevent the recording.


When purchasing our products / services, the customer is covered by all legally required insurance, namely a Civil Liability Insurance of € 50,000, with a deductible 10% of the value of the claim, and by a Personal Accident Insurance, with a permanent death or disability coverage of € 22.800 and treatment costs of € 4,000.

Customers are covered by the aforementioned insurances from the pick-up service to the drop-off service.

North Discovery cannot be held liable for costs and indemnifications that exceed the amounts indicated above and that are stated in the present policies.

North Discovery is not liable for damage, loss or theft of items owned by the customers, even if they occur on the company's vehicles.


Bookings will only be acknowledged when made through or by e-mail to

When the booking requested by the customer is confirmed by North Discovery, it is implicit that the customer is fully aware of the current Terms and Conditions, as well as the specific conditions of each activity and the potential risks associated with them, assuming, as such, having total and absolute capacity to participate in it.



The rates presented, either on the web site or communicated by other means, include all required legal taxes.

North Discovery accepts bank and cash transfers as means of payment.

North Discovery has a 50% deposit policy prior to the tour / activity. The remaining 50% can be paid directly to the guide, in cash, before the start of the service / product contracted. If the customer wishes to make the full payment of the product / service contracted by bank transfer, it is required that it be made in advance, so that, on the contracted date the product / service is thereof confirmed.

Right after confirming the booking of the product / service, all information regarding the contracted service / product will be sent to the customer by email, namely the information of the payment, identifying the IBAN of the credited account.

After having received the information via e-mail of the conditions of the product / service to be contracted, the customer has 48 hours to proceed with the payment of the booking. After this period, North Discovery reserves the right to decline it.

The customer can fully cancel the booking up to 48 hours before the date of the contracted products / service, and will be 100% refunded of the amount paid, but for the transfer expenses, if any occur.

Other situations of refund cancellation, other than those stated in the previous point, will only occur if the services / products are cancelled by North Discovery. Any claim must be made in writing.


North Discovery reserves the right to cancel the services / products contracted without any right of compensation when:

- The number of participants is lower than indicated for the contracted service / product;

- When the company identifies the lack of climatic conditions, or any other, that may compromise the adequate and minimum conditions of safety and feasibility for the contracted services / products;

- There are other reasons, other than North Discovery, that may compromise the contracted services / products;

- In any of the above situations occur, North Discovery will present the possibility of a new scheduling of the activity or, if possible, contracting another product / service. If the customer does not accept any of the suggestions presented, North Discovery will fully refund the amounts already received from the customer for the contracting of the products / services.


North Discovery reserves the right to make film and photographic reporting of the contracted activities in order to promote itself. Contrary, it must be specified to the guide or express it by email to


Customers must comply with the instructions and guidelines of North Discovery's guides or subcontractors, if applicable, declining thus any liability in case of accidents resulting from customer negligence or failure to comply with instructions given.

North Discovery may deny a client's right to participate in a particular activity when the opinion of the guide or even third parties may indicate that they place themselves or other participants at risk.

North Discovery, or subcontractors, provides all the necessary equipment for the contracted activities.