The Peneda do Gerês National Park is the only National Park in Portugal that is classified as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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The National Park incorporates the Gerês, Peneda and Amarela mountain ranges, all above 1,500 meters of altitude surrounded by granite ridges making the landscape exclusive.
With its immense biodiversity it is one of the greatest natural attractions of Portugal.

In addition to the exceptional and rare natural beauty, it is also worth mentioning the inheritance that Man left throughout time, from Pre-History and the Iron Age to Roman times, among others, seen in the proof of its presence, with an immense cultural interest as well as archaeological.

Our venture takes you to the regions of Porta do Mezio and Lindoso, nearly an hour from Porto, where History, heritage and nature are perfectly combined.”

We highlight the cultural heritage of substantial interest and beauty, the historic centre of the village of Soajo, its community square with its 24 granaries erected on a rocky top, the village of Lindoso, its castle and its communal granary which integrates 67 granaries.
On what concerns nature, the natural lagoons and cascades stand out. You can enjoy soothing baths in total harmony with nature, unique landscapes, diverse flora and fauna.

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